Stabilized Leopardwood FutoStash R #4063 – Stabilized Wood – DynaVap Stash


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Crafted from the exclusive, limited edition stabilized Leopardwood, this piece is a result of a meticulous stabilization process that spans several months. This process infuses the wood, enhancing its weight and gloss for a more luxurious feel. The application of black dye and hardener is carefully concentrated in the softer regions around the distinctive spots, accentuating their prominence far beyond that of standard Leopardwood, creating an extraordinary and unique visual appeal.

The FutoStash collection offers a limited series of these distinct, numbered pieces, where each merges the elegance of nature with a touch of cosmic wonder.

Compatible with the following devices
DynaVap: The “B”
DynaVap: The “M”
DynaVap: The “M” with Armored Cap
DynaVap: The BB3
DynaVap: The VonG
DynaVap: Titanium M Plus
Futo: Glass Z-Hitter
Futo: Regular Stem with DynaVap Tip
Futo: Z Stem with DynaVap Tip
Simrell: Hyper 9
Simrell: Mini MVS
Simrell: Shorty Vortex V2
Simrell: Shorty Wood Stem

Stash Dimensions
4.30″ (109.2 mm) tall
2.05″ (52.1 mm) wide
0.83″ (21.1 mm) deep

Fits Devices Up To
0.56″ (14.2 mm) diameter
3.70″ (94.0 mm) tall

Stainless steel stash tool with 3d printed handle
Custom neodymium centering poly magnet