Futo Galaxy Mag Stand #4146 – DynaVap – Anvil – BFG Dani – Simrell – Mag Stand – Desktop Magnet Stand for Vaporizers


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Experience the artful synergy of nature and innovation with our Futo Magnet Stands. Expertly crafted from stabilized burl wood, each stand highlights the wood’s natural, captivating patterns, reminiscent of celestial scenery. Enhanced with resin cast highlights, these stands not only exhibit the innate beauty of the wood but also feature custom-made rare earth ‘Ploymag’ centering magnets for secure and stylish display of your items. Part of our limited FutoStash collection, each stand is a distinct, serial-numbered piece, blending the elegance of natural wood with advanced magnetic functionality.

Compatible with the following devices
DynaVap: The BB6
DynaVap: The Omni
DynaVap: The Omni with Armored Cap
DynaVap: WoodWynd
DynaVap: The “B”
DynaVap: The “M”
DynaVap: The “M” with Armored Cap
DynaVap: The BB3
DynaVap: The VonG
DynaVap: Titanium M Plus
DynaVap/Simrell : The “M” + Stinger
Futo: Stems with DynaVap Tip
Madheaters: Revolve Gen 2
Madheaters: Revolve Gen 2 with Wood Sleeve
Madheaters: Tempest
Simrell: Stainless Steel Vortex
Simrell: XL Hyper 9
Simrell: XL MVS
Simrell: XL Vortex V2
Simrell: XL Wood Stem
Simrell: Mini MVS
Simrell: Shorty Vortex V2
Simrell: Shorty Wood Stem
Battery-Free Ganz: The Dani Fusion
Battery-Free Ganz: The Dani V3
Vestratto: The Anvil
Vestratto: The Anvil with XL Mouthpiece