Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What model of FutoStash do I need for my device?

A. There are several sizes of vaporizers, so depending on what you have there are different stash options.  Some of our stashes hold one vaporizer and have an herb compartment, and our G2 stashes (double garage) hold 2 devices. Shop By Vaporizer

Q. If I want to apply a wood treatment or clean my Futo product what should I use?

A. We use pure walnut oil as a wood finish in the shop.  If your piece has been out in the elements a little or sitting for months and the wood has become a little dry, you can re-apply some oil finish and breathe some new life back into it. The colors will pop. The oil penetrates and doesn’t leave a coating or film, has no artificial fumes etc and it’s food safe. Walnut oil polymerizes and adds a warm hue, adds some richness to the color and a bit of moisture resistance.  Another option is mineral oil, which is very similar. Both are the main ingredient in off the shelf “salad bowl” or “butcher block” wood finishes which are food safe and meant for use with wooden bowls, spoons, cutting boards etc.   Apply as needed or every few months.  More oil won’t hurt anything, the wood will only absorb as limited amount. Note wood products are best stored indoors and 40-50% RH and room temperature, and you should avoid exposure to the elements like leaving it in the sun or out in the rain. 

Q. My stash lid is loose, how do I tighten it?

A. You need a 3/32 hex key / allen wrench to adjust your screw.  Use very small increments just enough to add some tension, then turn your lid right (clockwise) for 1-2 full rotations to ensure the tension/friction remains firm and consistent, then turn 1-2 rotations counter clockwise and ensure lid tension remains unchanged.  If it’s still slightly loose, try tightening more by maybe 1/8 of a turn.  Don’t over tighten because at some point you can strip the threads.  We set the tension on all of our stashes in the shop but they can change over time and handling or with changes in humidity.  A good fitting lid makes a quiet squeak when you adjust it.  If your lid is broken we also do free repairs if you cover the shipping.

Q. Does my stash come with a spring?

A. Yes it does, every one of our models have springs in them.  Our small stashes like the Micro and Sprouts for glass hitters have springs, and our larger stashes like the FutoStash XL have springs.  The XL G2 model will come with 2 springs, one in each vaporizer garage. 

Q. Does the spring in my stash come out?

A. Yes it does, our springs are just friction fit in.  You can pull them out with the help of an improvised paperclip spring puller with a small hook on the end.   The bottom coil of the spring is slightly widen than the hole so that it stays at the bottom.   If you loose your spring we offer replacements. 

Q. Does my stash come with a stash tool?

A. All of our stashes comes with a stash tool made from stainless steel with a 3d printed handle. They’re handy to help clean your device or one hitter and to stir up your herb.

Q. How should I clean my grinder?

A. If your grinder has some build up from sticky herb we recommend just lightly scraping it off.  The oil finish we use add some resistance to sticky buildup, but over time can can happen. Any type of improvised scraper will work, just be careful not to scratch the wood.   If you want to re-apply an oil finish to the inside of your grinder after it’s all cleaned out you can, just use a minimal amount and leave it to dry over night.   Don’t use soap or water on your grinder, the excess moisture will soak into the wood and can cause it to swell. 

Q. Do you accept returns or exchanges?

A. Yes we’ll accept returns / exchanges for products if they are still in new and unused condition. There are no restocking fees, but you’re responsible for the return shipping. If you’re thinking about a return contact us first, we want all of our customers to be completely satisfied.