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FutoStash XL - Shimmering Purpleheart




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Made of an extremely rare cuts of purpleheart with an almost holographic shimmering effect, known as chatoyancy ( a term usually reserved for gems and pearls) the surface of these boxes change appearance with the angle of the light!

While we can't guarantee a particular box from the photo, we will send a beautiful specimen of our choosing with a unique effect one at least the magnet side if not both sides of the stash!

FutoStash XL is our large size vaporizer case made to fit every DynaVap model including the tall XL and wider VonG models.

Features a spring loaded vaporizer storage compartment and a side DynaMag rare earth magnet to remove the hot vaporizer cap.


5.0” tall
2.0” wide
0.8” thick
0.562" diameter compartment for vaporizer storage

(we're just offering the FutoStash - vaporizer are sold separately)