Product Detail

FutoStash - Wormy Cocobolo - Special Set



FutoStash is our Stash Box / Vaporizer case made specifically for the popular DynaVap vaporizers.   The "garage" storage compartment for your vaporizer fits all regular length DynaVap models, include the "M" and all of the Omni and Nona models.  The stash is set with a DynaMag - a specially made rare earth magnet used to set down your DynaVap to cool off or to remove the cap hands free. 

"Wormy" figured Cocobolo is a special cut of this rare exotic wood, where tropical bugs have created small voids or holes through the wood. We've carefully filled the holes leaving interesting patterns in the white sapwood.  Cocobolo is becoming increasingly difficult to source in Canada, making select cuts like this rare and almost impossible to find again. 


4.25" tall
2" wide
0.8" thick