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FutoStash R - Walnut



FutoStash - Walnut - Storage Box for DynaVap - Premium Accessory for DynaVap

We made a small set of Walnut boxes you can select from the photos.

FutoStash is a premium storage box made to store your DynaVap. Engineered with specific internal dimensions to store all regular sized DynaVap models including: DynaVap M, OmniVong, OmniVap, NonaVong. (note: XL DynaVap models require an XL sized box).

The FutoStash features:

Custom fit garage compartment to store your DynaVap - fits all regular sized models.
Large storage stash
Genuine DynaMag - a strong rare earth magnet with the correct polarization and strength to hold onto and remove the heated cap of your DynaVap, or to leave it standing at attention.

*DynaVap not included.


4" tall
2.0" wide
0.8" thick

Also see our other FutoStash models in our DynaVap accessory series.

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