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FutoStash G - Maple - Glass One Hitter - Stash Tool - One Hitter Box - Dugout - Made in Canada




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Our FutoStash G is our newest large glass hitter design.

Traditionally called a dugout or one hitter box, at Futo we've reinvented this form as the FutoStash G - and the design includes new features like 3d printed interior that perfectly holds the glass hitter and matching wood handled stash tool. We ship standard with a clear 12mm glass one hitter, custom ground with a bevel to make loading in the herb stash easy. The new wood handled Stash Tool can be used to clean our hitter or stir your stash.


4.3” tall
2.0” wide
0.8” thick


12mm diameter x 3" tall glass one hitter
Matching wood handled stash tool