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Futo M - Two Tone Cocobolo Dugout - One Hitter Box - Made in Canada



Futo M Series - Cocobolo Dugout made from a rare cut of two tone Cocobolo. If you know about Cocobolo, then you know its an expensive wood that only grows in South America, and there's a small supply. Almost all commercially available Cocobolo will just be heartwood, the darker toned wood that's from the inner core of the tree. Like many trees, Cocobolo has a distinct heart wood / sap wood contrast, so when these special cuts are used that cross that boundary you get a striking contrast in one piece. We had to source and import this wood directly from a plantation in South America who plants and grows their own trees sustainably.

Our M Series is features a compact design and a medium sized stash compartment. Made for easy use with our regular sized cigarette bats.


What's a dugout? They've been around since the seventies, its a convenient portable smoking system. Store some of your favorite tobacco or herbal remedies inside the "stash" and load the cigarette style pipe or "bat" with a simple twist. The pipe or “one hitter” holds enough for one or two puffs. The poker stored in the box can be used to easily clean out your pipe. They are stylish and discrete, and also conserve your tobacco or other products.


4.5” tall
1.75” wide
0.8” thick


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Futo is a dugout shop in central Canada - we're all wood geeks here with and we love to make dugouts. Most of our business is behind the scenes quietly stocking headshops across North America through our distributors - but not every shop knows about us yet! Do us a favor when you walk into your local headshop or dispensary and ask for a Futo dugout! If you do then send us a message and there could even be a coupon in for you.. ;)

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