Product Detail

Futo G - Two Tone Cocobolo Dugout - Glass One Hitter Box - Made in Canada



Futo G - our small glass model dugout made for thick 12mm one hitters - made from a rare cut of two tone Cocobolo. If you know about Cocobolo, then you know its an expensive wood that only grows in South America, and there's a small supply. Almost all commercially available Cocobolo will just be heartwood, the darker toned wood that's from the inner core of the tree. Like many trees, Cocobolo has a distinct heart wood / sap wood contrast, so when these special cuts are used that cross that boundary you get a striking contrast in one piece. We had to source and import this wood directly from a plantation in South America who plants and grows their own trees sustainably.


What's a Futo Model G? Its the same size as our Model M (1.75" wide) but with much wider holes inside to fit our thick glass one hitters. Due to popular demand we started making these dugouts for custom glass - and our design fits the big one hitters perfectly. The glass pipe is 3" long, about half an inch in diameter, has a medium sized bowl - and the coolest part is we give them a cold ground bevelled edge so they can easily be twisted into your dugout's stash to load the bowl. We might be the only ones who make a dugout for these big glass pipes, the design was years in the works and we finally launched them in 2017 - so far response has been great from our regular customers - all of the headshops that carry Futo across Canada and the US.