Product Detail

Padauk FutoStash Anvil XL - Vestratto Anvil Stash



FutoStash Anvil is a specially design stash for Vestratto Anvil vaporizers with the taller XL mouthpiece


- Features a spring loaded wide "Garage" compartment sized to store the Anvil
- Stash tool with 3d printed holster and matching handle - can be used to stir your herb
- Magnet tool to hold the cap and let you load it in your stash (Keep herb loose with stash tool to facilitate easy loading)
- Stash Mag to stand your vaporizer (*Let cap cool a bit before contact with mag, avoid overheating magnets. Same for magnet tool.)
- Magnet tool hole
- Large herb storage compartment


5.7" tall
2.6" wide
0.8" thick

* Vaporizers not included