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FutoStash XL - Live Edge Oak



FutoStash - Live Edge Oak - Storage Box for DynaVap - Premium Accessory for DynaVap

To purchase a DynaVap vaporizer with this FutoStash, check out our DynaVap section.

Made from select cuts of live edge oak, locally and sustainably harvested near our shop in Canada. We bring the logs into to the shop and custom mill by hand into the rough boards, where they season for at least one year before they can be crafted into the select cuts for our signature "Live" Edge FutoStashes.

FutoStash is a premium storage box made to store your DynaVap. Engineered with specific internal dimensions to store all DynaVap models.

The FutoStash features:

  • Custom fit garage compartment to store your DynaVap
  • Large storage stash
  • Genuine DynaMag - a strong rare earth magnet with the correct polarization and strength to hold onto and remove the heated cap of your DynaVap, or to leave it standing at attention.


5" tall
~2.5" wide
0.8" thick

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