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Vulcanite XXL Hybrid Stem - #3311 - DynaVap Stem - XXL Size


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(note: photos taken before we laser engraved our logo)

Our first in a series of DynaVap Stems using real vulcanite pipe stems. Made by Doug. Vulcanite is a moulded form of ebonite, a sulphur hardened rubber widely accepted as the best material for tobacco pipe stems. We have a special stock of these old pipe stems we've held onto for years - these were acquired from US pipe factories that are now long gone.

The stem in this piece fits with a smooth mortise and tenon fit using delrin, it's removable for cleaning etc. The body of the stem is made from stabilized burl capped with rare Gabon ebony.

Inspiration for the piece is from the freehand artisan German "whistle" style tobacco pipes which are more chillum in shape.
This is a larger stem that won't fit in any of our stashes.
This is an upgrade piece to replace the main body of any DynaVap vaporizer.

The Tip can pressed in to fit and held with it's o-rings.

Size: XXL
Length: 5"+
Diameter: 0.750"+

* DynaVap Tip not included