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Violet - Large 12mm Glass One Hitter - Glass Pipe



Free Shipping to the US/Canada by regular Postal Mail with a stamp

Custom made Futo 12mm glass one hitter, borosilicate glass with a thick wall.

12mm is a popular large size

Available in 2 styles:

Bevelled edge - we highly recommend this style for use in one of our FutoStashes. Improves digging in small space to load the bowl. We grind a small bevel onto the tip of the bowl so you can just push in your herb and twist to load.

Natural edge - glossy and rounded the way it came off the torch, flame polished edge. If you're going to load by hand or in a rolling tray or grinder then this style will work. (Check out our rolling trays and grinders)

Length: 3.0”
Diameter: 0.5” (12mm)

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