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Turquoise - 12mm Glass One Hitters - Borosilicate Glass



Custom made Futo 12mm glass one hitter, borosilicate glass with a thick wall. Our largest one hitter with the largest bowl, they're more like a three hitter.

Fits in all of our FutoStash G and GX stashes. You should get a FutoStash to store your one hitter, it's a pocket sized box with a spring loaded compartment for the hitter and also holds a couple grams of herb. Stashes and one hitters were made to go together! Shipping is free when added onto a stash order!

Available in 2 styles:

Bevelled edge - improves digging for use in a dugout/stash. We cold grind a small bevel onto the tip of the bowl to make it work well when pressed into some herb, you can just push and twist to load the bowl. We highly recommend this style for use in one of our stashes.

Natural edge - glossy and rounded the way it came off the torch, flame polished edge. If you're going to load by hand or in a rolling tray or grinder then this style will work. (Check out our rolling trays and grinders)

Length: 3.0”
Diameter: 0.5” (12mm)

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