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Resin River Futo Sprout #1360 - Ambonya Burl & Resin - Glass One Hitter


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We've created a limited number of unique pieces from Ambonya burl cast with resin. This one is our Sprouts model, which is compact and slim and has a small glass one hitter. The lid is matching cocobolo.

Model: Sprout
Material: Amboyna

As with all our products, these dugouts are hand-crafted from board-to-box in our own shop on the Canadian prairies. From sanding the lids so smooth that they are almost seamless, and fastening snug with a high thread-count screw, no detail has been spared. Our FutoStashes feature a genuine DynaMag, a perfectly spring loaded "garage" compartment, and a polished finish.


4.0" tall
1.9" wide
0.7" thick
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