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Galaxy Burl FutoStash XLG2+ #3357 - Stabilized Boxelder Burl - DynaVap Stash - Double Storage




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Futo Galaxy Burl Stashes are out of this world stabilized burl wood with resin cast accents. The stabilization process hardens the burl wood and if dyes are added brings out amazing natural patters in the wood - some times they look cosmic in origin.

We've created a special numbered series in our FutoStash models, and each one is unique.

FutoStash XL G2+ is a plus sized storage case for DynaVap vaporizers.

*Available in XL+ configuration on request. With this option, Garage 2 will fit a spare DynaVap Tip+Cap.

G2 is for double "Garage" - this stash fits 2 DynaVap vaporizers in additional to a large herb compartment.

Engineered with specific internal dimensions to store most DynaVap models including: The Omni, The "M" Series and VonG Series.

FutoStash XL G2+ features:

Swivel Lid
Stash Tool
Garage 1 is spring loaded and fits DynaVap Omni or the wider VonG series (*vaporizer not included)
Garage 2 fits DynaVap Omni, or M Series Vaporizers
Large herb storage compartment
A custom made centering magnet - to remove the heated cap of your DynaVap


5.1" tall
2.6" wide
0.8" thick

* Vaporizers not included