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Galaxy Burl Dugout #246 - Futo Sprouts - Stabilized Lilac wood


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We snuck some lilac wood into this series, and while it's not burl wood - it's kind of awesome. Why haven't you ever seen something made from lilac wood? because the trees are super small, and you have to be a little crazy to cut some into boards.  Although it grows locally (I was asked to remove an old tree) - the wood is surprisingly similar to tropical rosewoods. This cut was stabilized and cast in resin to fill a crack, it's one of a kind so far. It's about 2x the weight of a burl wood piece of the same size, lilac is a very dense wood.

Futo Galaxy Burl dugouts are out of this world stabilized burl wood with resin cast accents. Our Galaxy Burl - Sprouts features our super thin profile model "Sprout". The stabilization process hardens the burl wood and if dyes are added brings out amazing natural patters in the wood - some times they look cosmic in origin.

We've created a special numbered set of these dugouts, and each one is unique.

Model: Futo Sprouts
Material: Stabilized Lilac, with matching boxelder burl top
Color: red with natural tan
Resin: none
Pipe: Standard Aluminum

As with all our products, these dugouts are hand-crafted from board-to-box in our own shop on the Canadian prairies. From sanding the lids so smooth that they are almost seamless, and fastening snug with a high thread-count screw, to designing our own custom thick glass one hitters with the perfect bevel to load it in the extra wide stash, no detail has been spared.


4.0" tall
1.85" wide
0.7" thick
3" pipe