Product Detail

FutoStash XXL - Walnut - Double XL - DynaVap Stash - BB9 - Vaporizer Case



FutoStash XXL (Double XL) is our largest vaporizer case made to fit the DynaVap BB9 and some large aftermarket DynaVap stems.

This is one of our special serial numbered listings, there's only one and you get the exact stash in the photos. (Photo 1+2). Photo 3 is just to show the BB9.

Features a spring loaded vaporizer storage compartment and a side DynaMag rare earth magnet to remove the hot vaporizer cap.


6.3” tall
2.0” wide
0.8” thick
0.56" diameter x 5.8" tall compartment for vaporizer storage

(vaporizer are sold separately)