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FutoStash XL - #005 Galaxy Burl - Glow in the Dark


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FutoStash XL - Galaxy Burl - Storage Box for DynaVap - Premium Accessory for DynaVap

Futo Galaxy Burl stashes are out of this world stabilized burl wood with resin cast accents. The stabilization process hardens the burl wood and if dyes are added brings out amazing natural patters in the wood - some times they look cosmic in origin.

We've created a special numbered set of these FutoStashes, and each one is unique.

Model: FutoStash XL
Material: Big Leaf Maple Burl
Color: magenta with natural beige tones
Resin: clear with wisps of white glow in the dark

As with all our products, these stashes are hand-crafted from board-to-box in our own shop on the Canadian prairies. We harvest or source the burl wood and make select cuts, usually carved from large irregular chunks. Our big leaf maple burl was sourced from Victoria Island, where the trees can grow to be massive.  The stabilization process happens in a vacuum chamber where the wood is immersed in a hardening agent with dyes added so as it's drawn into the burl the softer parts absorb more dye, creating new patterns with striking contrast in the wood.  After the wood absorbs the hardener it's significantly heavier, then it's heat treated. The process creates an inert block with new properties, with no solvents or residuals, food safe with improved properties - much harder and heavier than the original. For pieces that have voids, we use a second process of resin casting where a mould is made to fit the block, and resin is poured and set in a vacuum chamber a second time. We add interesting things to the resin in some our pieces.  The net result are beautiful and unique blocks of wood with an incredible amount of time and care put into each one.  When you purchase a galaxy burl dugout, you're funding an ongoing art project - and we thank you for your support - it's been an exploration into new creative processes to create these pieces that push the very definition of a simple stash or case for your vaporizer.

FutoStash is a premium storage box made to store your DynaVap. Engineered with specific internal dimensions to store all regular and XL sized DynaVap models.

The FutoStash features:

  • Custom fit garage compartment to store your DynaVap
  • Large storage stash
  • Genuine DynaMag - a strong rare earth magnet with the correct polarization and strength to hold onto and remove the heated cap of your DynaVap, or to leave it standing at attention.


5" tall
2" wide
0.8" thick

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Love the craftsmanship. it is beautiful! t...

Love the craftsmanship. it is beautiful! thanks

Kristin K.

Good communication. Express shipping took...

Good communication. Express shipping took a few days longer than expected. Other than that, awesome seller, I plan on doing business again and I would highly recommend them.