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FutoStash R - Shimmering Purpleheart #SP03 - Regular Size - DynaVap Stash - Vaporizer Case



Made of an extremely rare cuts of purpleheart with an almost holographic shimmering effect, known as chatoyancy ( a term usually reserved for gems and pearls) the surface of these boxes change appearance with the angle of the light!

(Video has been shot with low exposure to illustrate the effect in a prominent manner)

FutoStash R is our regular size vaporizer case made to all standard size DynaVap models such as the DynaVap M, OmniVap Titanium, and OmniVonG. For XL size models you need a larger FutoStash XL case.

Features a spring loaded vaporizer storage compartment and a side DynaMag rare earth magnet to remove the hot vaporizer cap.

Model: FutoStash R
Material: Shimmering Purpleheart


4.3” tall
2” wide
0.8” thick
0.562" diameter compartment for vaporizer storage

(we're just offering the FutoStash - vaporizer are sold separately)

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