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Futo M - Zebrawood Dugout - One Hitter Box - Made in Canada



Futo M Series - Zebrawood Dugout - Made from Zebrawood, an African wood with black and white stripes.

Our M Series is features a compact design and a medium sized stash compartment. Made for easy use with our regular sized cigarette bats.

4.0" tall
2" wide
Comes with a cigarette style one hitter pipe

For tobacco use only.

What's a dugout? They've been around since the seventies, its a convenient portable smoking system. Store some of your favorite tobacco inside the "stash" and load the cigarette style pipe or "bat" with a simple twist. Its easy to load a small bowl that's enough for "one hit" or generally enough smoking mixture to burn with a one or two puffs. They're a stylish and discrete, and also conserve your tobacco.

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