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Futo M - #172 Alien Pod


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Futo M - Alien Pod 

Futo Galaxy Pod dugouts are out of this world stabilized banksia pods with resin cast accents. The stabilization process hardens the pod so it can be worked like wood, and then a resin casting stage fills the voids left from the seeds. The result is a solid block that looks very alien in nature.

We've created a special numbered set of these pieces, and each one is unique.

Model: Futo M
Material: Banksia Pod
Color: natural color
Resin: clear with color accents

As with all our products, these dugouts are hand-crafted from board-to-box in our own shop on the Canadian prairies. Banksia Pods are a large seed pod imported from Australia. We make select cuts from the pods then stabilize them. The stabilization process happens in a vacuum chamber where the wood is immersed in a hardening agent. After the pod absorbs the hardener it's significantly heavier, then it's heat treated. The process creates an inert block with new properties, with no solvents or residuals, food safe with improved properties - much harder and heavier than the original. For the seed pod voids, we use a second process of resin casting where a mould is made to fit the block, and resin is poured and set in a vacuum chamber a second time. We add interesting things to the resin in some our pieces.  The net result are beautiful and unique blocks of "wood" with an incredible amount of time and care put into each one.  When you purchase an alien pod dugout, you're funding an ongoing art project - and we thank you for your support - it's been an exploration into new creative processes to create these pieces that push the very definition of a simple stash or case for your vaporizer.

Futo Model M Dugouts have a simple and elegant design - the lid swivels open to reveal your one hitter and stash area in one easy motion.  They hold about one gram. To use one just open the lid and twist the end of the one hitter into the stash. 


4.0” tall
1.75” wide
0.8” thick