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Futo GX - Multi-Wood Dugout - One Hitter Box - 12mm Glass


$28.00 $35.00

We have a variety of special one-off multi wood pieces available, and each one has a different combination of woods. The photo is an example, if you want to select a specific one just send us a message with your order.

Futo GX dugouts are made for large 12mm glass one hitters.

Our custom design features a spring loaded glass hitter, a large stash that holds 2-3 grams, and a custom made 3" glass hitter with a cold ground edge. Fill your stash and load the bowl by pushing it down with a twisting motion. Your GX comes with one clear glass hitter, and we also offer extra hitters in different colors and styles.


Box: 4” x 2" x 0.8"
Glass: 3" x 0.5" (12mm)