Product Detail

Futo DynaVap BB3 Welcome Kit - BB3 + FutoStash BB3 + Lighter



This kit includes the popular DynaVap BB3 vaporizer packaged with our FutoStash BB3 and a torch lighter plus extras!

Kit Includes:

DynaVap BB3
  - Blue glass
  - Stainless Steel Tip
  - 3 glass beads to cool to your vapour
  - Carb hole

FutoStash BB3
  - Made from Wenge, a dark exotic wood
  - Super slim design
  - 4.4" tall x 1.9" wide x 0.7" thick
  - Stainless steel Stash Tool with 3d printed handle
  - 1-2 Gram herb storage
  - Centering Magnet to cool, remove the cap or stand your vaporizer
  - 10mm hole to stand the BB3 glass joint
  - 3D printed stash funnel

Cyclone 3 Flame Lighter
  - Refillable butane torch lighter
  - Large reservoir