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x4 Bowl Stand - 19mm - Bocote



Futo Bowl Stands are a solid wood desk top stand made to hold 4 Bowls with a large 18/19mm tapered ground glass joint.

They're a perfect way to store your bowl collection upright and keep them from rolling around.
Choose a wood that matches your decor, or your stash and other smoking or vaping accessories

- Holds 4 Bowls
- Fits 18 or 19mm size bowls, which is the diameter about mid way up the tapered end of the glass
- Holes are 0.72" (18.2mm) diameter and 0.80" (20mm) deep.
- Stand is 6" wide x 2" deep x 0.9" tall

Made on our cnc machines in the Futo shop, finely hand sanded and polished to a glossy finish.

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