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Dynavap M Bubinga Starter Pack



Everything you need to start your journey into battery-free herb vaporizing. Our starter pack includes Dynavaps flagship TED (thermal extraction device), the Dynavap "M", which utilizes revolutionary engineering allowing uses to heat the bowl to perfect extraction temperature without combustion (burning) and creating smoke.

Included in the set:

FutoStash-S: Futo's Slim and snug home for the "M" keeps your investment safe with a convenient storage chamber for refills on the go. This listing is for a stash made from Bubinga, a wood known its utility as a strong yet beautiful wood with stunning and varied grain patterns.

Dynavap 2021 M: A compact and groundbreaking device composed of 5 modular parts that can be interchanged with a wide variety of Dynavap products, custom accessories, and glass rigs. These parts include the stem, interior condenser tube, tip (bowl), adjustable depth screen, and heating cap. When you hear the cap click, remove from heat and take a draw from the mouthpiece.

Aomai Slim Torch Lighter*: Recommended for speedy heating, torch lighters are the perfect companion piece to any Dynavap device. This sleek single-flame version is a stylish and versatile option that compliments the slim size and shape of our FutoStash-S.

Futo Beeswax Wood Balm: Using wax harvested from bees living on the very same property that all of our handcrafted wood products are produced, our wood balm can be used to maintain the finish and moisture resistance of all our wood products. It is also a useful lubricant for any O-ring fittings within the Dynavap devices.

Cotton Pipe Cleaners: These aren't the colorful crafts from your childhood. These study cotton cleaners can be used to clean and maintain the interior of your Dynavap devices and can be used for multiple cleanings. It is recommended that you clean any newly purchased device before use.

 *Lighter is packaged without butane gas due to air mail regulations. Fuel is best purchased locally.