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#1471 Swirly Acrylic DynaVap Mid Section - Stem - XL


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Custom DynaVap mid section / stem in XL size.  This is an upgrade piece to replace the main body of any DynaVap vaporizer. The Tip can pressed in to fit with it's o-rings and if you have a model with a condenser that can also be optionally fit into the mouth piece end. 

Note this item is an upgrade only using the tip from your current DynaVap.  

All DynaVap components are removable for easy cleaning, and also to accessorize with cool upgrades like this one.

Size: XL
Compatible Stashes: FutoStash XL and XL G2
Length: 3.125" 
Diameter: 0.550"
Compatible Vaporizers: DynaVap (All models)


1. Pull out the "tip" from your DynaVap.  It's held in with 2-3 o-rings and should easily pull out.  This is the same procedure that should be done from time to time for cleaning.

2. Clean and lubricate the o-rings.  This step is important, we recommend using some of the wax that's supplied with your DynaVap on the o-rings.  A bit of mineral oil or food safe oil like walnut oil is also ok, or any salad bowl wood finish - which means it's food safe and usually just a mix of mineral oil and beeswax. 

3. Press the tip into the ribbed end of your new mid section. It's a firm fit, and with a little pressure and twisting it will seat fully. On some tips when fully seated the last o-ring will still be visible, this is ok. 

4. If you have a model of DynaVap with a condenser, which is a replaceable tube extending from the draw end (the mouth piece end), you can also optionally use it.  Push the condenser out from the inside and you'll see it's held in with flexible rings which easily compress.   You can then push it into the smooth end of your new mid section until the last flexible ring is flush.