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Bocote - FutoStash SXL G2 #3170 - Slim XL - Stores 2 Vaporizers - DynaVap Vaporizer Case




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Do have have a vaporizer collection? Store 2 vapes in one stash!

FutoStash SXL G2 is our Slim XL size vaporizer case made to fit two vaporizer models. Compatible with DynaVap - Omni and M Series.

Features a spring loaded vaporizer storage compartment and double side DynaMag rare earth magnets to remove the hot vaporizer cap. Note this model is for storing two vaporizers and does not have an herb stash - see our SXL model for that option.


5.0” tall
1.9” wide
0.7” thick
0.438" diameter compartments

* vaporizers are sold separately