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Alien Pod Dugout #344 - Futo Model GX - Stabilized Alien Pod - Dugout - Glass One Hitter - Glow in the Dark


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Futo Alien Pod dugouts are out of this world stabilized banksia pods with resin cast accents. The stabilization process hardens the pod so it can be worked like wood, and then a resin casting stage fills the voids left from the seeds. The result is a solid block that looks very alien in nature.

We've created a special numbered set of these dugouts, and each one is unique.

Model: Futo GX
Material: Banksia Pod & Glow in the Dark Resin
Pipe: 12mm Glass

As with all our products, these dugouts are hand-crafted from board-to-box in our own shop on the Canadian prairies. From sanding the lids so smooth that they are almost seamless, and fastening snug with a high thread-count screw, to designing our own custom thick glass one hitters with the perfect bevel to load it in the extra wide stash, no detail has been spared.


4" tall
2" wide
0.8" thick
3" pipe