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At Futo we specialize in custom cases for the top brands in battery free vaporizers or "thermal extraction devices".  The following links are for the newest models for each brand to the stashes that we design and manufacture to fit them.   Many of our listings are for serial numbered pieces, if you see a # followed by a four digit number in the product description then you can order the exact piece shown in the photos. 

Stashes by Compatible Vaporizer Model

DynaVap The "M" Series

DynaVap The "B" Series
DynaVap The VonG
DynaVap The Omni
DynaVap BB3
DynaVap BB6
DynaVap BB9
DynaVap The "M" + Simrell Stinger

Simrell Mini MVS
Simrell XL MVS
Simrell Shorty Vortex
Simrell Vortex

Vestratto The Anvil
Vestratto The Anvil + The XL Mouthpiece

Futo Z Stem + DynaVap Tip
Futo Regular Stem + DynaVap Tip
Futo XL Stem + DynaVap Tip
Futo Anvil Stem + CopperCore Oven

Stems by Compatible Vaporizer Model

DynaVap The Omni
DynaVap "M" Series + VonG Series
Vestratto The Anvil
RBT Vaporizers

Don't see your vaporizer in the list? Contact us at and we can help you find the right FutoStash.