About Us

Futo Manufacturing (establish 2011) is a specialty shop for original headshop products. We're based near Brandon MB, Canada.  The new Futo shop is a 4000 sq ft building with all types of specialized wood working equipment, situated in a quiet Manitoba forest. We work with amazing exotic woods from around the world, as well as our own custom milled and seasoned lumber.  Our main product has always been dugouts, in fact we're mostly a dugout shop. Since we started six years ago as a small hobby business, Futo has steadily grown into a full time wholesale production shop employing several full time workers to keep up with demand. What sets us apart is our high grade craftsmanship, we have super high quality standards for every piece that leaves the shop. The design of each product has been refined and improved over several generations, and as a result have a look at today's product lineup, its probably new if you've looked at our products in the past.  
Today Futo distributes dugouts, pipes, rolling trays, bowls, dabbers and other accessories through several Canadian distributors and our US distributor. Most of our business has been behind the scenes, doing the good work of stocking store shelves and display cases to meet the demands of a rapidly growing headshop industry.  In 2017 we launched our first retail site, as a showcase for our current products and to (finally) allow customs to buy directly from us.  While our main focus is in the wholesale market, we always enjoy hearing from customers.