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Maintenance Kit - Spring, Clean, and Protect your Stash

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This kit includes a large tin of wax made of walnut oil and locally harvested beeswax, 5 adjustable springs, and 3 quality pipe cleaners.

The wax can be used to maintain any and all of your wood products, the springs can be added to any stash designed for Dynavap for ease of access and to reduce rattling, and the pipe cleaners are amazing for cleaning out your condenser or any other hard-to-reach spots!

Spring Instructions:

1. If you have a spring in your stash already, remove it by just pulling it out. The springs are always just friction fit into the stash. This can be done with any long thin improvised device, such as a paper clip with a little hook on the end.

2. Orient your spring with widest coil at the bottom. The bottom coil should be just slightly wider than the hole.

3. Press the spring into the hole, this should require you to squish it a bit. If you need to adjust the bottom coil can easily be bent and stretched to fit, eg if the spring just falls into the hole, stretch the bottom coil a little wider.

4. Once the spring is started in the hole, just press to the bottom of the hole with your vaporizer or one hitter - all the way to the bottom. The spring will hold itself in place at the bottom, while allowing all of the top coils to move freely.

5. Test your spring by pushing down on your vaporizer / one hitter a few times, it should move up and down freely. This is usually a smooth process.

Advance Options:

1. Increasing height - if you want the spring to pop your vaporizer / one hitter up higher, for example because you have a DynaVap M and and XL stash, or maybe you have a an XL G2 stash you want to keep different sizes of vaporizers in it - you can do them. Pull the spring out with your improvised spring puller, and holding the top and bottom stretch it out gently. You can add up to 1/2" onto the height.

2. Decreasing height - this can be done carefully by clipping some of the coils off the bottom. Use plyers or wire cutters, it's light guage steel so it cuts easily. Don't use scissors. After you clip the bottom coil, stretch it out wider so that it's wider than the hole. Springs can be decreased by up to 1/4".


Q. When I pushed the spring into the hole, it got stuck. A. You probably had the bottom coil stretched too wide. Make a spring puller out of a paper clip, a dental pick, a twig, anything 4-5" long that can snag the spring and pull it out. Try to fix the shape, make sure the bottom coil is just slightly wider than the hole and try again. Or try another spring.

Q. Why is the shipping like $5-10 for this? A. We're in Canada, and Canada Post / USPS has some high minimums. But we can add a spring onto your order for 1.00, which is what we suggest. Like if you just buy a spring we're sending it to you for free basically, the envelope and time to go ship it is more than 2.00 etc.

Springs pops up your vaporizer or one hitter with light tension, and keeps it pressed snuggly against the lid when closed.

We can provide them to fit various models which will have different hole sizes.

Springs are 1" tall and fit these stash models (please specify on checkout)

FutoStash R
FutoStash XL
FutoStash S
FutoStash SXL
FutoStash G
FutoStash X
DynaStash ER
DynaStash XL

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Met all expectations!

Got this with a new futo stash and loved it. The springs are simple but work like a charm in any stash! Will definately order again.

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