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Futo M - Big Leaf Maple Burl

One Hitter


Futo M Dugout - made from Big Leaf Maple Burl

Made from Big Leaf Maple burl. We got a crate of this burl wood in from Victoria Island, BC - one of the warmest places in Canada right on the west coast.  The wood arrived to crazy big chunks, and required all kinds of care to select the cuts and saw them into these finished pieces. Big Leaf Maple has a very warm tone, unlike hard maple with is white.  We selected the best cuts of these for sale here, they're sanded perfectly and polished to reveal the detailed grain. We're offering assorted pieces for now, so the ones in the photos are an example.

Futo Model M Dugouts have a simple and elegant design - the lid swivels open to reveal your one hitter and stash area in one easy motion.  They hold about one gram. To use one just open the lid and twist the end of the one hitter into the stash. 


4.0” tall
1.75” wide
0.8” thick