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Padauk Bundle w/ Grinder



As of April 2021 we're proud to offer complete sets of matching accessories in a variety of woods. These will include popular woods that we enjoy working with, as well as the occasional release of unique or rare materials find their way into our shop, whether that be exceptional burls or something we've cooked up ourselves; We want to make sure our customers have the opportunity to own a full set without missing that one piece last that was sold individually.

This listing is for a bundle made from Padauk (pa-duke or pa-dowk nobody can agree), a UV reactive wood that can darken, lighten, fade, or brown with age - making each piece as unique as you are.

Products in photograph are for illustrative purposes. Due to natural variances in all woods, items received will be unique and may contain lighter and darker streaks of color, as well as patterns or directions of grain.

- Holds 2 items
- Magnets are 0.5" (12mm) diameter

Stem: (tip & condenser sold separately)
- Condenser Size: Standard
- Compatible Stashes: FutoStash R and G2
- Length: 2.5" 
- Diameter: 0.550"
- Compatible Vaporizers: DynaVap (All models)

- FutoStash - R
- 4.25" tall
- 2.0" wide
- 0.8" thick

-1.5” tall
-2.5” wide