Product Detail

Galaxy Burl FutoStash Anvil Slim #3692 - Stabilized Boxelder Burl - Vestratto Anvil Stash



Futo Galaxy Burl Stashes are out of this world stabilized burl wood with resin cast accents. The stabilization process hardens the burl wood and if dyes are added brings out amazing natural patters in the wood - some times they look cosmic in origin.

FutoStash Anvil Slim is a specially design stash for Vestratto Anvil vaporizers.


- Features a spring loaded wide "Garage" compartment sized wide enough to store the Anvil
- Stash tool with 3d printed holster and matching handle
- Magnet tool to hold the cap and let you load it in your stash (Keep herb loose with stash tool to facilitate easy loading)
- Stash Mag to stand your vaporizer (*Let cap cool a bit before contact with mag, avoid overheating magnets. Same for magnet tool.)
- Magnet tool hole


5.1" tall
~2" wide
0.8" thick

* Vaporizers not included