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Galaxy Burl XXL Stem - #3956 - Stabilized Burl - DynaVap Upgrade


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Custom DynaVap stem or mid section.

* XXL Stems are 1.0" longer than XL and slightly wider. 
* For storage they will fit inside our FutoStash XXL

Compatible with all DynaVap vaporizer Tips.

This is one of our special serial numbered listings, only one is available. You'll get the exact piece shown in the photos.

All DynaVap components are removable for easy cleaning, and also to accessorize with cool upgrades like this one.

This is an upgrade piece to replace the main body of any DynaVap vaporizer.

The Tip can pressed in to fit and held with it's o-rings.

Size: XXL
Length: 4.125"
Diameter: 0.600"

* vaporizer not included